His Holiness B. B. Govinda Swami on the NYC Harinam

       I would like to really thank and commend His Grace Rama Raya Prabhu for organizing the daily harinama in New York City - taking the devotees out on the street and chanting Lord Krishna’s holy names.

       About a month ago I was in my Arabic class in Dubai and one young lady had come over from New York City. She was staying in Dubai for some time and decided to take Arabic also. We were discussing Krishna consciousness one day and I invited her to a kirtan. And she said, “You know in New York City I always go to union square and I always chant and dance with the devotees there. It’s the most ecstatic thing that makes my life in New York.”

       So even on the other side of the world, I have people coming to me and telling me how they have encountered Rama Raya Prabhu’s kirtan party and how wonderful it is. And I’d like to first from my heart to thank Rama Raya for the service that he’s doing and then I’d like to ask the devotees from all over the world to do what you can to help support this program. If you’re ever passing by New York, then join the program - go out with the devotees. Chant Lord Krishna’s holy names and put the seed of bhakti in every conditioned soul’s heart. So once again, Rama Raya Prabhu, thank you very very much.

       This is B. B. Govinda Swami over and out. 

Audio - B. B. Govinda Swami
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New York City Harinam

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