Rama Raya Prabhu ki jaya. I am delighted to hear that you are keeping the spirit of harinama on the streets of New York, nagar sankirtan, alive. I know you from 24 hour kirtans in Vrindavan’s Krishna Balarama Mandir with Aindra Prabhu. Aindra Prabhu also started his kirtans on the streets of New York before he came to Vrindavan. I remember joining – I joined his kirtans a few times way back 30-40 years ago in New York.

     Now after Vrindavan, after Aindra prabhu departed, you are continuing the kirtan of chanting and dancing. Like Srila Prabhuapda who went from Vrindavan to New York, you have also gone from Vrindavan to New York and formed a kirtan party.

     I am very happy. I congratulate you and encourage you to keep it up. Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s sankirtan movement began in Srivas Angan, the courtyard of Srivas Thakur. Likewise, the International Society for Krishna consciousness’s kirtans started in New York in Tompkins Square Park. New York is the base origin and starting point of the sankirtan movement in the west.

     Keep up the good spirit. I understand you do it every day for 6 hours and you have a dedicated team. I hope and pray and appeal to others to join you - every day, occasionally, or whenever they can manage.

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His Holiness Lokanatha Swami

on the NYC Harinam

New York City Harinam

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