The Problem

This is Rama Raya, humble servant of Srila Prabhupada’s sankirtan mission. For five years without fail, through hurricanes and snowstorms, we have kept daily harinam going in New York. 

I am honored to serve the sincere devotees, both men and women, who have joined me to spread the glories of the holy name. Our biggest problem is housing the devotees who want to join us. Presently, I have men cramped into an apartment on the lower east side. For the next year we desperately need to expand. You can’t imagine how helpful it would be if we could just get one more small apartment for the next year. But New York City is expensive and the security deposit and broker fees are a lot. 

Ananda Sankirtan, a qualified accountant having passed the CPA exam, works in the city. He could live in his own small apartment himself, but he lives humbly in our ashram and contributes a substantial part of his own salary to help us. He also manages our finances. This is his projection. He has calculated that if we can raise at least $20,000 we can afford to expand and that expansion would include our projections of our steadily increasing book distribution through the year to help pay our rent.

We are building many wonderful temples in ISKCON that give shelter to so many souls. We can fill those temples with many good devotees if you just help us a little to support NYC Harinam, our own temple of the holy name. So I am humbly begging all our friends of the Sankirtan movement to please help us push on the public chanting of the holy name and help us in anyway you can. Please join and support our Sankirtan mission!

Humbly in the service of the Vaisnavas,

Rama Raya and The NYC Ashram.

PS. Please check out our web-site. If you could also contribute monthly we can do so much more.

The Support

Other Amount

Studio Apartment

in NYC


Rent for 1 year


Utilities for 1 year

Security Deposit

Brokers Fee






Annual Cost


Monthly Cost

If you would like to see our financial statements (donations, expenses, etc.) to see how our finances are managed, please message us below.

The Numbers

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