Times Square harinama 1977

New York City Sankirtan Attack

A sannyasi once told at an initiation lecture: “Enough with all of these japa retreats, what we really need to do is a Sankirtan attack!”


Indeed the best defense against Maya is a good offense.


Inspired by those words, the Yuga Dharma Ashram is pleased to invite you to the second monthly New York City Sankirtan Attack,




New Year's Eve, December 31st


Sankirtan Attack is an opportunity facilitated by the Yuga Dharma Ashram for those would like to be engaged in chanting Harinam or Distribution books but may find themselves too busy or unable to come to the program normally. One day each month there will be a date for all the Devotees to come together for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada.


New Year's Eve is a classic big party night for the souls of New York. According to our reconnaissance Times Square itself costs money to get in and is too packed to be able to attack properly. The people near Times Square are bummed out they couldn't make it directly in Times Square. So this month we will focus on the Lower East Side, starting from the Bhakti Center.


Program Details

  • To Be Determined Mass Harinam Sometime in the Evening with perhaps a feast beforehand or after.


Please RSVP by Wednesday 11/23/16 at the latest so we can properly serve you.

Text or Email Natabara Gauranga das:



A Walking Harinam Sankirtan Party Attacking Times Square in 1977 and in 2016