His Holiness Sacinandana Swami on the NYC Harinam

       The New York City daily harinama program is a very important project within Srila Prabhupada’s plan to spread Krishna consciousness. When Srila Prabhupada started his preaching in America and in the west, he could have chosen many ways through which he would reach the public. But he chose mainly to chant the holy name while sitting in Tompkins square park. He also brought his books into the shops, but he personally set the example of how Krishna consciousness is best spread by doing harinama. I feel that the harinama ashram in New York is continuing this tradition that Srila Prabhupada introduced and I am therefore convinced that it has his blessings and the blessings of the entire sampradaya to continue to plant the seed of bhakti in as many hearts as possible.


       We can see that the holy name has a lot of potency - more potency than any other form of the Lord because it is identical with Krishna. The first introduction between the conditioned soul and Krishna takes place through the holy name. It is so nice that this harinama sankirtan ashram makes chanting the holy name its main goal and I believe that this will inspire many many initiatives around the world where harinama sankirtan is in the forefront of all activities. I am personally very well informed of their activities. I always feel that if I can send devotees to this ashram it will be the best training for their lives so that they will lead a life of being instruments in Srila Prabhupada’s glorious mission.

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New York City Harinam

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